Family Pack (baby Blue) (saving $$)

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Family Pack (baby Blue) (saving $$)

2x large masks + 2x small masks (blue) + 1 jumbo pack of filters
Great protection for the whole family.
Reduce exposure from airborne contamination when travelling.
This transparent and reusable mask is easy to check the seal. Comfortable 3D design, keep the filter away from the lips and easy breathing. The mask can be ReShaped to better fit individual unique face shape.
The set comes with ~40 pairs of F94 filters, which tested 99.9% efficiency for Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) :

The Travel set includes the following items:
- 2x TT-01 (large mask)
- 2x TT-02 (small mask) (Baby Blue)
- about 40 pairs of F94 filter (99.9% viral filtration efficiency)