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Image of SG-SHIELD - (10 pieces)

SG-SHIELD - (10 pieces)

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A weightless (4g) innovation to fight Covid-19, collectively!

The SG-SHIELD is inspired and improved from a full-face shield that covers our faces, those usually worn by workers at eateries. It is much lighter, shield better and it doesn't affect your visual (no irritating reflection) nor your hearing (no echo).

SG-SHIELD is made from a lightweight laminated paper body. It is soft enough for comfort and rigid enough to keep the shield away from touching the mouth. It is reusable and can be disinfected with an alcohol wipe.

Comes in a pack of 10

NOTE: SG-Shield acts as a shield only, it is not a filtered mask. The main objective is to prevent droplets from flying out of the mouth when talking. It does not guarantee 100% protection against viruses. It is "splash-proof" but not waterproof.

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